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Production Mold

Die-casting mold is the major technological equipment for die-casting production. To a large extent, many aspects in mass production are constrained by die-casting molds, including the quality stability of die-casting piece, conformity rate, die-casting cycle, labor input, production cost, ect.


Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototype is an intermediate link of the first-development product from concept design stage to mass production phase. It is usually used to examine the rationality and reliability of the product design, test its function, assembly relations and the appearance.


Trim Die

The trim die is a kind of shearing tool, which is mainly used to cut or trim the nozzle, the slag ladle, and the batch front. The use of modified mold can improve die casting production efficiency and stability, reduce human input, reduce costs.


Mould service

Precisioner provides customers with a full service casting mold. Our businesses includes the optimization of product design analysis, budget proposals , the first implement of the concept product, rapid prototype, mass production of the mold and the supporting a modified mold design and manufacturing, as well as molds small series production.


Quick Quote System

Because of the information asymmetry and price confusion of the mold manufacturing industry, we will not only offer a total price, but the price of each part of the cost list.